Andrew Noble

Andrew Noble

Andrew graduated from Swansea University with a Masters of Osteopathy and has specialised in further training in the Lieberman Protocol for assessment and treatment of the larynx and voice box.

A keen actor and singer, Andrew has performed a wide repertoire of music across Europe and America. It was this experience that led him to Osteopathy, noting the aches and pains that performers can experience and wanted to learn what he could do to treat them and allow people to perform at their best.

This led him to enrol in Swansea University’s Osteopathy programme, where he studied a wide variety of approaches and techniques to treat a wide range of patients of all backgrounds, occupations, and ages. With an interest in occupational injuries and stress-based dysfunctions, and with his background in performance, he was led to undertaking additional training in the Lieberman Protocol. A specialised approach to assessment and treatment of stresses and muscle tension in the vocal producing structures, Laryngeal manipulative therapy (LMT) gelled with Andrew’s philosophy of treatment, finding and maintaining a balance of comfort and effectiveness without fighting against the body.

He treats using a gentle structural approach consisting of a variety of techniques including joint and harmonic mobilisations, soft tissue therapies, neuromuscular techniques, and joint manipulations with a gradually intensifying approach to find the optimum balance between comfort and effectiveness for his patients to guide the body back to a comfortable and healthy position. Andrew enjoys treating patients of all backgrounds, occupations and ages and is passionate about being able to provide the best and most comfortable care for his patients. As such, he keeps up to date with aftercare guidelines and seeks to regularly attend courses and workshops to refine and build his repertoire of care further.

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