Zen Yoga With Catherine

Zen Yoga with Catherine is a welcoming and holistic experience for all levels. A blend of Hatha Yoga, and mindfulness techniques from the Zen tradition to help you tune in to your body.


Body Awareness: The class emphasizes befriending your body, acknowledging its presence and importance throughout your life.

Mind-Body Connection: Zen Yoga combines traditional yoga postures with the mindfulness practice of Zen Buddhism. This means focusing your attention on your breath and bodily sensations in the present moment. The techniques do not require any particular belief system


Physical: You’ll work on stretching and strengthening your muscles, improving your overall stability and flexibility.

Mental: The focus on breath and body awareness will promote relaxation and a sense of inner peace.

Class Structure:

Balance of Movement and Mindfulness: The class isn’t about achieving “perfect” poses; it’s about connecting with your body and breath throughout the movements.

Suitable for All Levels: This class is designed to be inclusive, regardless of your prior yoga experience and physical abilities.

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