Wellness & Relaxation Circle – with Shirley Stump

Singing, drumming, toning, mini Soundbath!

Combining my skills and offering a session of uplifting inclusive music making and drumming to get our feel good hormones going. Followed by group sound healing and deep relaxation with a mini Soundbath.

This 90 minute session will envelop and treat your mind, body and soul with the magic of nourishing and healing sounds!

My background being a community musician and Lifemusic facilitator making music accessible to everyone of all abilities to enjoy being in the moment, in flow together connected through sounds. We will use short songs like the one in the video in this post as a scaffold to offer to the group, let the drums and percussion join and get lost in the sounds and rhythms taking us into a different state of consciousness where we feel relaxed, happy and free to to play and sing how we want! 


As a trained Sound Healing Practitioner I will then guide the group each session through various sound healings from toning through our chakras to guided meditations ending with a mini Soundbath. 

You will leave immersed in happy hormones, uplifted and relaxed.

I will be creating a really beautiful and welcoming space!

You are welcome to bring any instruments but I will provide drums and percussion. No previous musical experience is required and you can join in as little or as much as you like. This will be an inclusive space for all adults, male and female.

Shirley Stump

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