Theta healing Introduction (Free Event)

Location: Surrey Holistic Centre
Date: 3.30 p.m – 5.30 p.m
“If you want to understand the universe, think about energy, frequency and vibration.” M. Tesla
For each feeling, thought, emotion, reaction, behaviour, judgment, and belief we have a separate
neural connection. Everything that we have now in our lives was created by us consciously or
subconsciously and based on our beliefs. Everyone lives this life developing various Virtues. We are
constantly developing whether we realise that or not. To create a new desired reality (to cure an illness,
change your emotional or financial state and problems in a relationship) and live your life with ease and
happiness, you need to change your beliefs.
If you have tried many different practices, techniques, and methods, however, your situation/condition
doesn’t change, I, Oksana Masiutkina, a Thetahealing and Access Bars practitioner, invite you to get
acquainted with the Theta healing method and feel the effect of this incredible technique by yourself.
Briefly: Theta healing is a meditative process that brings physical, psychological and spiritual healing
to a person through focused prayer in the theta state. The theta frequency is very natural to our brain.
This state is also called ‘an open door to the subconscious’.
You will realize that Thetahealing doesn’t contradict any religion and healing occurs on 4 levels of
beliefs (including genetic). Removing and replacing programs at these four levels will allow us to
successfully heal from any physical illness. Also, working with beliefs will allow us to build our desired
life because actually we are the Creators of our own destiny and we are all inseparable from God. I love
this method because it works very gently, without trauma and drama; there is no healing crisis. I will
share with you many successful cases
I invite you to a FREE meeting – getting to know Theta Healing in Godalming. At the end of the
meeting, we will conduct a group Theta meditation for cleansing from stress, fear of the future,
resentment and programs of the collective consciousness. We will also conduct a balancing for your
inner harmony. You will be able to feel how healing is happening immediately.
Space is limited!
Book your space via WhatsApp 07554399595 or email

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