Vinciane Ollington

Vinciane Ollington

Born in Belgium where homeopathy is widely accepted and practiced by many doctors, Vinciane has grown up with homeopathy. She moved to the UK in 1988. After the birth of her first child in 1993, she developed Grave’s disease and was treated by various endocrinologists who all concluded that her thyroid gland would never go back to normal and needed to be surgically taken out. She turned to homeopathy instead. Under homeopathic treatment, her symptoms gradually disappeared and to this day her blood tests are normal without the need for any thyroid drug or homeopathic remedies.

This amazing story compelled her to study homeopathy. She graduated from the London College of Homeopathy in July 2002 and opened her practice in September 2002. She is a member of the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths.

In addition to seeing patients, she also teaches a Self Prescribing Homeopathy Course whose aim is to give participants the confidence to prescribe for their family and friends.

Vinciane gives regular talks on health topics as she believes that knowledge is the key to good health.

She set up the Guildford Woking Complementary Health Network in 2007. This group of therapists meet monthly to connect and learn about each other’s therapy.

Vinciane is married with 3 children (now adults).

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