Sarah Summers

Qualifying in 2007 in homeopathy and bio-resonance, I started my practice in a multidisciplinary clinic becoming part of a diverse team. There I learnt the importance of an integrated approach and continued my training in nutrition and mindfulness allowing me to have a rounded approach to healing.

Since having my own children I have expanded my knowledge of treating childhood illnesses and health issues, with a desire to use the most natural methods possible.

I am a solution focused homeopath and have worked individually and part of multidisciplinary teams. I work in a holistic way, focusing on women’s health, hormone balancing, children’s health, skin issues, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, anxiety, and stress management.

Homeopathy is focused on individual needs and is a whole person approach, taking into account mental, emotional, environmental, physical, historical, and nutritional factors to give an integrated picture of each person. These elements make up a personalised treatment with homeopathic remedies and recommendations for nutrition and lifestyle approaches.

I continue to expand on my knowledge and study a wide range of CPD courses and have also qualified in counselling, Reiki Seichem, sound healing, Tibetan Singing bowls, colour therapy and crystal healing.

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