Lucie Dun

Hello, I am Lucie, and I’m a certified Eden Energy Medicine and Biofield Tuning practitioner.

I help my clients to feel better physically and emotionally by optimising the flow of their energies, using the electromagnetic properties of my hands or the healing frequencies of tuning forks.

When the flow of energy in our body is balanced we may gain more vitality, feel more energisedbecome more emotionally resilient and develop stronger immunity.

The ultimate aim of my sessions is to empower my clients to be in better charge of their health. I respect Western medicine, and never tell my clients to avoid it. Instead, I believe that complementary modalities such as Eden Method or Biofield Tuning can co-exist with modern medicine’s approaches, and can be used as effective tools for everyday self-care.

There are many simple techniques to achieve a better state of balance; in my sessions, I teach my clients these tools and encourage them to use them at home. I have personally experienced a notable improvement in my physical and emotional health by using a simple set of energy medicine techniques on a daily basis. This reflects in my motto: Balanced energies – better health.

Eden Energy Medicine Sessions

A typical Eden Energy Medicine session consists of the following:

I will first assess the flow of my client’s energies with a set of muscle tests adapted from kinesiology.

The remainder of the session consists of various energy medicine techniques and a relaxing treatment, which includes gentle rocking of the body, pressing or holding various acupressure points, and other non-invasive techniques.

My clients sometimes drift into a light sleep during these relaxing protocols and leave the session rejuvenated and equipped with a number of self-care techniques. I always send my clients a follow-up email with a review of the self-care exercises.

Biofield Tuning Sessions

In a Biofield Tuning session, I use a range of tuning forks, working with their sound frequencies and vibrations. This is applied around the client’s body (within its electromagnetic field) as well on the body.

The frequencies of the tuning forks can detect any imbalance in client’s energies, and then bring them to coherence by using the forks’ healing frequencies.

This procedure is often compared to tuning an instrument. Our bodies often get ‘out of tune’ due to many external and internal factors, and after ‘getting tuned’ my clients frequently report a sense of clarity, balanced emotions and new vitality.

While my clients can choose from the two modalities, in my session I often combine techniques from both.

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