Adam Kite

How we think and talk to ourselves impacts our quality of life, influencing our happiness, health, and success. Transformative coaching changes your thinking patterns, empowering you to embrace positivity and achieve your goals. With a coach’s guidance, you’ll unlock the power of self-talk for a happier, healthier, and more successful life.

Hi, I’m Adam Kite, a certified Transformational Life Coach based in Godalming. My focus is on guiding individuals to attain balance, fulfilment and happiness in their daily lives. Through personalised coaching, I assist clients in recognising and transforming negative self-talk and thought patterns. This process empowers them to foster a mindset characterised by positivity and resilience, ultimately paving the way for enhanced fulfillment and success. I work with clients with various goals or challenges, some of which include the below:

• Lost purpose (going through the motions without feeling fulfilled)

• Dissatisfaction with life (are you living for your next holiday?)

• Burnout (physical, mental or emotional fatigue)

• Need to calibrate life priorities (work/life balance)

• Lack of energy (time management, wellbeing)


Over the years, I’ve learned and applied a range of coaching tools and techniques, from Cognitive Behavioural Coaching to traditional Life and Performance Coaching methods. As a coach, I prioritise empathy, seeking to understand each client’s unique experiences, challenges, and needs, without assumptions. Many clients I work with have unhelpful limiting beliefs that hinder their progress. Together, we confront and replace these beliefs, helping them pursue their goals boldly. My role is to create a judgment-free space where clients feel empowered to tap into their inner strength, foster a positive mindset, and conquer life’s challenges.

Adam is a Certified Transformational Life Coach.  He specialises in helping burnt-out individuals identify and change limiting beliefs and behaviours.  This allows them to create balance and find joy and meaning in their daily lives.


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