Tai Chi & Qigong

What is tai chi? It is an ancient martial art that embodies daoist principles that involve stretching the body to open the meridian’s the energetic pathways that connect the electrical element to our fascia (connective tissue) this has long been regarded as the secret to whole body connection in the art of tai chi and qigong it helps to build a stronger frame and a better internal understanding to the feeling part of us, in turn it also improves functionality of our internal organs. Tai chi is long regarded as an ancient martial art but more recently it has become a means to better health through sustained regular practice. We can achieve a better understanding of ourselves and connect to the breath, environment and our body. We must realise that tai chi and qigong help us to activate the mind which controls the energy, together these elements move the physical body and tissues in the most efficient way to produce balance and harmony inside and outside of our bodies. In the beginning we start with the physical it evolves over time into the energetic and finally with cultivation we will achieve the spiritual level. Tai chi and qigong are a journey that will challenge us and at the same time open us up to boundless possibilities.

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