Stress Therapy

Stress Therapy is a mind & body programme that is taught to the client by the stress therapist. The overall objective is to provide lasting changes in the way stress is perceived, experienced and dealt with, before it results in illness or other stress related problems.


Clients are taken through a set of specific deeply relaxing techniques. These are accompanied by cognitive techniques that assist in alleviating thought and emotional patterns that may be leading to stress. This valuable complementary therapy can be beneficial to anyone.


This programme consists of 5 sessions and aims to help client’s identify, clear and alleviate patterns of stress. In addition to this it aims to assist client’s in their management of stress, as well as teaching specific techniques that may be of help in times of acute stress e.g. panic attacks.


As stress starts with thought (in the mind), the programme also works towards empowering client’s to be able to change their thought patterns in relation to stress, thereby creating more relaxed and healthier states of being.

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