Sound Therapy

You may have heard of a sound bath (or soundbath), sound meditation, sound therapy, sound massage, immersive sound session, gong bath, tuning forks therapy, vibrational healing, vibrational therapy, singing bowl therapy, crystal bowls, music therapy, any combination of the above, or even something completely different.  There are lots of different modalities and approaches to working with sound as a therapy, but essentially the intention is the same – to promote wellbeing and initiate healing through vibration.

The reason why the term ‘bath’ is commonly used  is because, during a sound session, you are ‘bathed’ in sound. Sound has the ability to take you to a deep state of relaxation much more quickly and effectively than you would be be able to achieve without it. This is partly because vibrations stimulate cells deep in the body as well as creating a pulsation to entrain the brain.  The effect is energy medicine that promotes healing, while the unique tones create the perfect state for deep meditation, creative thinking and intuitive messages. It also just feels really good!
Commonly reported benefits:
– Deep relaxation- Meditative State achieved more easily- Better quality sleep – Relief from physical pain- More mental clarity- A greater sense of well-being- Insight and revelations

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