Shamanic Healing

Working directly in Gaia’s living web, within her network of golden threads, that weave between and within all things on Earth, Gaia is the container and the vessel for both spirit, or Christ consciousness and Sophia, or the blueprint of the soul.

Shamanic healing with me includes animal communication, remote viewing, soul retrieval, past life regression, power animal work, work with guides and realms, nature constellations, psychic healing, plant communication, space clearing, energy block removal, entity removal and more.

“Working towards a “cure”, in the historic sense of the word, “the care of souls”.

The term “shaman” has been adapted from the Tungus people of Siberia meaning spiritual healer, or “one who sees in the dark”, or “with the other eye”, ie, through the portal of the heart.

Shamanism dates back some 20,000 years and was practiced in every ancient culture around the world. Without faith in a particular god, but rather based on animism, the belief that everything is living and has a spirit. Shamanism is a way of life, working within and with our environment for the highest good.

Animals, plants and minerals are our support system on this planet and their many gifts to us include resetting the unconscious patterning we create within our energetic bodies, (re)encouraging the cyclic flow.

Working with and immersing ourselves in nature – either physically, or through intentional liaison with a plant guide, or spirit, as is the way of the Shaman, has been proven again and again for its positive results on the trinity of the mind, body and soul.

From deep, strong-set roots, we may reach up and find our homes again in the stars.


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