Reflexology has its roots far back in history, to the times of Ancient Egypt. This therapy traditionally works on the principal that all aspects of the body-mind are reflected on the feet and hands. By stimulating these “reflex points”, the corresponding organ, gland, muscle, bone or system is accessed and re-balanced.

During a Reflexology session, the client lays fully clothed in a restful environment, with socks and shoes removed, while the practitioner applies therapeutic foot massage. Treatments are adaptable to suit clients of any age, with time allowed before the treatment for consultation, and afterwards for discussion.

This is a gentle, non-invasive therapy, suitable for aiding many areas – physical, mental and emotional. As Reflexology treats the whole person, many different symptoms can show great improvement, including: Digestive difficulties; Arthritis; Shoulder tension; Poor circulation; Migraines; Period pain and PMS; Asthma and Hormonal issues. Treatments regularly provide deep relaxation, so this ancient therapy is especially suitable for dealing with stress in a modern world, allowing improved overall function.

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