Modern day living means many of us spend a large percentage of our lives slouching in seats and on sofas. This can lead to bad posture and back pain. Plus when we are on the move, hectic lives mean we tend to rush about everywhere which can speed up and overuse part of our nervous system. Together this causes congestion in the spine and surrounding muscles and ribs. Other parts of the spine start to compensate and this is where muscular imbalances and back problems can start.

Quite simply OUR BODIES don’t get the LOVE and CARE they deserve most of the time!

Many causes of back pain are also due to incorrect firing order of muscles and weaknesses in particular areas. Pilates addresses this, building up the strength and endurance of those really important deep core muscles.

A regular Pilates class at the Holistic Centre will improve;

  • spinal mobility
  • flexibility
  • core strength and endurance
  • concentration
  • posture
  • muscle tone
  • reduce stress and anxiety
  • elevate mood
  • sleep

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