Neuro Linguistic Programming

NLP is a form of life-coaching which can be used for personal development, to help people reach their full potential and achieve more success.

It’s been widely used to help business executives reach their full potential for many years.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming is thought to be one of the most useful tools in modern psychology because it helps us to understand our thoughts, feelings and behaviour and helps us to create more successful strategies.  It can enhance the way we interact with people around us and improve our confidence and behaviour in situations that can be challenging.

Our brains are constantly learning and updating the information we use to navigate ourselves through life.  For instance, If we’ve been to a restaurant and had a bad experience – maybe the food and service were rubbish, we’ll have learnt to not go back again.  If our experience has been good and we’ve had good food and service we’re more likely to go back.  The mind/body connection means that our thinking determines how we feel and behave.

This can happen in any aspect of our life.  For instance, if we gave a presentation on a day when we hadn’t prepared properly and we perceived that it all went horribly wrong, our brain will learn everything it can from the experience to save us from making the same mistake again.  So if we’re asked to do another presentation our memories will help us decide how to move forward.  Some people will make sure they’re fully prepared and they’ll be fine.  For others the memories can create nervous thoughts, feelings and behaviour which can cause them to make more mistakes again which can cause them to see themselves as being a failure at presentations.  If people think they’re a failure at something it makes sense to avoid making similar mistakes.  This means that they can find themselves stuck in certain areas of their life and missing out on opportunities.

An NLP practitioner can help you to recognise the thought patterns that have been holding you back and can help you create new ways of thinking, feeling and behaving so that you can feel more confident and have better experiences.

Sessions will normally be structured so that you describe what you’re having problems with and how you would prefer to be in the future.  Then a treatment plan will be tailored to your specific problems, challenging your old thought processes and updating the information your mind has been using to develop new positive thoughts and feelings that generate more successful behaviour.

Issues that can be helped with NLP include:

Improve confidence and self-esteem

Control panic and anxiety

Overcoming wedding nerves

Overcoming exam nerves

Overcoming interview nerves

Confident public speaking

Improve motivation

Study strategies for accelerated learning

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