Maya Abdominal Therapy

The Arvigo techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy® ( ATMAT) is a traditionally old Therapy from  Belize in Central America which Rosita Arvigo® has made accessible to the western world.

Women suffer needlessly from many issues, which can be improved dramatically and in many cases corrected by returning the uterus to its proper and or optimum position.

To name but a few:

All Menstrual issues, for example Painful periods or no cycle through stress related issues.

Hormone imbalance

Fertility challenges

Digestive issues



Through an external, non-invasive massage the uterus and digestive organs can be gently eased into the optimum positions so improving blood flow and aiding the removal of pelvic congestion. Maya Abdominal Therapy supports the body’s natural healing capacity and the body’s ability to self regulate.

“Give Nature just half a chance and she has a Miracle in store for everyone “

During your first treatment you will be taught a self care massage, which you will have for life. This enables you to take your healing into your own hands and is an integral part of the work. Clients can also see quicker results if self-care is consistent.

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