Instinctive Wisdom Counselling

Are you feeling stuck and stressed?

All of us need guidance or simply an inspired insight into a particular situation at some time or another. And whilst everyone’s journey is different, we are all trying to get to the same place…a place of happiness and freedom.

When we feel super-stressed, overwhelmed, misunderstood or simply out of synch, we will naturally impact on our family, friends or colleagues. We may feel trapped in our situation and hopeless, which can become a cycle of rifts, power struggles and even depression. This may be completely incongruent with who we actually are.

This can be helped with a combination of healing energy and some Instinctive Wisdom, intended to inspire and empower you with some tools to begin to trust and deepen your own intuitive process. These sessions have often brought about ‘Aha’ moments of clarity, redirecting our perspective and sometimes our trajectory slightly towards a more positive future.

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