• Dawn Wood

Crystal Healing

What is Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing is a holistic therapy that treats the whole person, rather than individual symptoms. It can also be used as a complementary system of healing alongside both orthodox medicine and other complementary therapies.

Rather than treating the end result of an illness (the physical symptoms of our body), it instead deals with the original cause of why something has manifested, which can lie on an emotional, mental or sometimes spiritual level. All of this information is located in the subtle energy field which surrounds our body.

By dealing with the original cause of an illness, a healing addresses why such symptoms would need to manifest in the first place.

The aim of a healing is to help restore a sense of ‘wellness’, wholeness and balance. This can then help support the physical body in its own natural self healing process.

What Happens in a Session

A session takes place on a therapist’s couch. Clothes are kept on, though jewellery and shoes need to be removed. A client’s energy field is then assessed, in order to evaluate which crystals are appropriate for the healing. Crystals may be placed on or around the body depending on what is needed. Healing energy is then channeled and shaped, focussed or amplified by the crystals.

Sound is also used during sessions, either vocal sounds or the Tibetan bowl.

Sessions last for around 50 minutes.

How do they Work?

Einstein proved that everything is energy and that it cannot be destroyed, only transmuted into another form. This energy around us exists at different frequencies. This is shown in the colour spectrum where red is of a much slower vibration than the colour violet.

Thoughts and feelings are also an energy, and exist at particular frequencies. Fear or sadness, for example, are of a much denser vibration than love, or joy. Crystals work on the whole spectrum of human thoughts and emotions. This is reflected in their colour and degree of opacity. In basic terms, by introducing a crystal into someones energetic field, the crystal is transforming the original blocked feeling, for example, anger, into acceptance/love.

As it is difficult unresolved emotions and thoughts that put the physical body under stress and can manifest as illness, removing this stress from our energy fields helps our bodies to return to a greater state of harmony and health.

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