• Philippa Lee

Craniosacral Therapy

What is Craniosacral Therapy?

Craniosacral therapy (CST) is a gentle and effective holistic therapy suitable for everyone. It is a relaxing, hands on therapy which, through light touch can facilitate the body’s natural powers of healing.

CST has its origins in the practice of osteopathy and the pioneering work by Dr William Sutherland at the beginning of the 20th century.

How Does it Work?

Therapists work with the presence of subtle rhythmic motions that are expressed in the body, particularly the head, spine and pelvis. The free and balanced expression of these motions is related to our state of health and vitality.

Using the hands to gently tune in to the patterns of rhythm, therapists an evaluate imbalances in the natural expression of movement within the body and use a range of non-invasive therapeutic skills to encourage the release of restrictions and promote the body’s self-healing capacities.  This sensitive therapy works with a natural stillness which allows the body to restore its own balance and health.

Who Does it Help?

People come for CST for a variety of reasons, the most common in adults being headaches, back/neck pain, digestive, anxiety and stress related issues.  This therapy, however, treats the whole person recognising the interconnection between all aspects of mind, body and spirit so it therefore supports the whole system.  Treatment is suitable for a wide variety of chronic and acute conditions.

Each individual’s circumstances are unique, and the story of life events is held within the body.  Over time the issues that we hold may make us unwell, tired, overloaded or in pain.  Emerging symptoms may involve both the physical and emotional.  Those suffering from traumatic situations in their lives both past and present can also benefit from CST as tension, fear or grief can be released in a supported and comfortable way.

You do not have to be unwell to benefit from CST and treatments can be used simply to support health and well-being through the challenges of everyday life.


The gentle nature of CST makes it an ideal choice in preparation for, during and after pregnancy it can give relief from anxiety, physical discomfort and supports bonding between mother and baby.

Babies and Children

CST is widely acknowledged as a gentle form of treatment for the delicate systems of babies and children.  The birth process is of particular interest as the physical forces exerted on the baby during birth can create ‘holding patterns’ within the system which remain into childhood and adulthood.

Shock can also be present in the system, contributing to sleeplessness and colic.  The delicacy of the bond between parent and child is incorporated and sometimes treatment may involve both.

What to Expect

A full case history is taken.  Treatment involves light touch usually on the head and along the spine.  The client is fully clothed and lies on a comfortable couch, although position can be adapted for the comfort or needs of the client.  Treatment is generally deeply relaxing although some emotional or physical sensations may be felt as the system finds release and rebalances.  Many patients experience benefit from their first session although frequently 2-6 sessions are required.  Sessions take approximately one hour.

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