Coaching is typically sought when:

We’re going through and struggling with change in our lives
Have challenges we are coping with and want help to manage them
If we feel unfulfilled with an area, or areas, of our lives
We are confused, anxious or worried about specific areas – our work or career, our family, our sense of self, moving home, money management, mental wellbeing, health
We want focus, confidence and drive to motivate us
We want to be clearer about our future plans
We want to find joy and happiness again for ourselves and others around us
We want tools and techniques to use for life in future

People usually describe coaching as having a liberating, open and honest set of conversations where they feel unjudged and have freedom to think about the choices that are right for them.

Coaching helps you to discover options in an open and honest way. It is about you having the freedom to think differently so that you can get the change or changes you want for your life and even those around you. People describe feeling energised, focused, excited and crucially less overwhelmed when they have been through a coaching process.

There are many forms of coaching – life, health, wellbeing, business, career, relationships, confidence, finances and more. All of these have in common that the coach:

supports the individual or group to better understand their options for moving forward
to build confidence to make good decisions that fit with their goals, values and beliefs
be able to take clear concise action to reach those goals

Coaching differs from counseling in that it is future focused, and whilst it covers what got you here today, it will always look at where you want to be, going forward.

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