Bioenergetic Medicine

Illness is considered to be a disturbance within the energetic counterpart, and when this disturbance is allowed to persist, physical symptoms emerge. When the cause of this disturbance is ascertained, it can be addressed directly at its source, as opposed to merely treating the superficial symptoms, which are to be considered the body’s attempt to rebalance itself.

Lowell’s work is patient centred and offers an integrated approach to health that incorporates core practices, as well as working alongside conventional medicine, and with other practitioners including acupuncture, osteopathy and psychotherapy.

Lowell’s experience ranges from all forms chronic and deep seated disturbances including mental/emotional states, fertility, allergies, cancer, autism, childhood illnesses, learning disabilities.

All illnesses, whether chronic or acute can be treated with this method. Some conditions addressed are:

o   Psychological and emotional disturbances

o   Allergies & sensitivities

o   Fertility

o   Chronic degenerative diseases – including arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease

o   Systemic disharmonies – including digestive disorders, ME/chronic fatigue, candida, parasites

o   Children’s diseases

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