AstroCrystal Therapy

AstroCrystal Therapy

What is AstroCrystal Therapy?

AstroCrystal Therapy is working experientially with an individual’s birth chart for the purposes of profound healing, using such tools as crystals, sound and sacred geometry. 

During a two-hour session your birth chart is created on the floor, using glyphs of the planets and houses.   You step into it and experience for yourself the energies and dynamics of your chart.   Rather than being something remote on a piece of paper, it instead becomes something alive, and fully accessible with all the senses.   During your journey round the Zodiac I place certain crystals on planets or sensitive points and activate them with healing energy and sound.   Memories may surface from your life or feelings or thoughts arise to indicate where there may be blockages or an inner process is occurring.   After a session there may then be a shift or change in your own life in some way.   I take notes during the session and afterwards send you a report on the session itself.   This then helps the healing process to continue back in ‘normal life’.

My approach

Rather than the traditional way of viewing the Astrological birth chart as something which reveals your personality, in AstroCrystal Therapy the birth chart is instead approached as

an individual’s sacred blueprint which can be worked with to help heal deep stuck patterns. It is a road map of why we are here, what we have been before, and what we hope to be in the future, containing information regarding unconscious hidden aspects of ourselves that may be blocking our growth.   Working experientially within the chart allows someone to get to the root of an issue in life and potentially heal it, leading to greater awareness and freedom to move forwards.

An intent

It’s best to come to an AstroCrystal session with an intent, purpose or area of life you would like to look at.   This is something we talk about when booking and at the beginning of a session itself.   This then gives a focus and the movement around the chart is then guided in response to this; the areas of the chart and planets visited are then the ones appropriate for this issue or question.  

When should you have a session?

A session can be had at any time for the purpose of experiencing, knowing and healing aspects of the self, and to help understand the journey you have taken in life thus far in some way.   It can be of benefit if you feel stuck in life, can not see a clear way forward, or would like to understand and potentially heal something to a deep level.   I suggest for every session a client has an intent, focus or reason for being there so that the session can unfold with greater clarity for them.

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