Tai Chi & Qi Gong – with Darren Plumb

Tai chi is a series of flowing movements…

Join Red Lotus Tai chi and Qi Gong to improve your body’s health, reflexes, stress, confidence, mental health and inner awareness, tai chi is known to improve your memory as well.

Through Tai Chi, I teach my pupils to build feeling, discipline, strength, intention, and focus. Learn how to unwind and calm your body and mind. Stretching your body properly will eventually give you the elasticity you need to be competent in Tai chi. Soft and pliant exercise can also help you gain speed and strength.These exercises aid in the opening of your body’s meridians. It aids in the free flow of energy both within and externally. Your blood flow will have a higher vibrational level as a result of the increased vibrational levels.

You may stay healthy by avoiding illnesses and diseases. In scientific terms, we are stretching the fascia, not engaging the muscles, and opening the joints to increase synovial fluid. The fascia is the white tissue that covers the muscles and bones and helps generate communication throughout the body.

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