Join Coach and Sound Therapy Teacher Becky (from Heron Moon) and her beautiful sound healing instruments (including Tibetan singing bowls, crystal bowls, gong, drum, chimes and more) for an immersive sound session (aka a SOUNDBATH) every third Thursday at Surrey Holistic, 7-8pm, in Godalming.

What to expect

  • A warm welcome
  • Guided meditations
  • Oracle cards
  • Themes, such as Wheel of the Year and Moon Phases
  • Tea and chat to close

What to bring

  • Something comfortable to lie on, mat, camping mat etc
  • Warm, cosy blanket
  • Comfy clothes, including socks
  • Eye pillow/or mask (optional)
  • Your crystals for charging (optional)
  • Anything else you need to create your own little rest nest

What happens in a group sound healing session?

You lie on the ground, on a yoga mat (or you may sit up, or use a chair if you prefer)

You create a cosy little ‘rest nest’ with pillows, cushions, bolsters, blankets, warm socks and perhaps a cover for your eyes.  You are then guided to relax and let go via spoken meditation.  The sound ‘bath’ commences shortly after.  There will be periods of silence too, which encourages integration.  The ‘healer’ will attempt to ‘overload’ the brain by using random sequences and different techniques, which stimulates a ‘letting go’ to allow the receivers in the room to sink deeper.

In many cases, sound bathers experience better rest than they have had in a long time.  People often also enjoy beautiful visions, colours, geometric shapes and patterns.  They have realisations and breakthroughs – it is not unusual to encounter deeper understanding of a situation they have been battling with.  It is also perfectly normal to drift in and out of sleep!

Many feel a connection to celestial, spiritual, divine or other worlds, which can be incredibly comforting. Also, each and every sound session will be different from the one before.  

The best way to find out more is to experience it for yourself!

NB: Sound Meditations are designed to help you feel well.  However, from time to time you may experience revelations or emotions that may be difficult, but will always be useful and enlightening.  My full support is available before and after sessions to ensure you are able to process whatever arises.  Your wellbeing is of paramount importance at all times.  If you are pregnant, or suffer with epilepsy, please reach out in advance of booking the session.

Everyone is welcome, no prior experience of sound healing is necessary

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