Soul Sister Circle & Cacao Ceremony

Dear Sacred Soul Sister,

You are invited you to come and connect with a conscious circle of women.  Take a moment to pause, step away from all the daily demands upon your time and feel the embrace and warmth of our community.

The ancient tradition of women’s circles has been taking place for thousands of years.  Offering an opportunity to talk and listen as an act of sisterhood.

Inviting you to connect with the natural world, each other and your feminine essence.  This soul-nourishing gathering is a sacred, safe space where we can learn, grow and blossom together.

Are you looking for a deeper level of connection?
Would you like to feel the support of a like-minded community?
Are you ready to feel rested, rejuvenated and revitalised?

You are a unique and powerful woman.  It is your time to shine.


~~~ ~~~ ~~~

The Event:

This month’s Theme is  “Birthing a New World”

A New Moon in Cancer 

As we move into the second half of 2024 ~ What do you wish your life to look like?

As a woman, we can give birth.  We are containers of life. 

Wild women, I call to you to come and explore within the womb of this sacred circle the potential that lies within you. 
Wise woman, I call to you to gather in community with other women and harmonise our creations, Warmhearted woman, I call to you to share your gifts into the world with your creative force as all women stand hand in hand beside you.

We will begin with a cacao ceremony where we will share a teacup of this beautiful elixir.

***You are welcome to attend the event and not partake in the drinking of cacao.

Cacao is a gentle and beautiful heart-healing medicine.  It can help bring focus and clarity where we are feeling unclear, stagnated or stuck.  As we drop down from the head and into the heart, blockages around the heart are dispersed.  Cacao enables us to connect with the more subtle realms and our own deepest wisdom.  This medicine allows us to be guided from a place of feeling and inner knowing.

The event will include;

Opening Circle ~ Welcome
Cacao Ceremony
Oracle Cards
Sacred Sharing
Closing Circle

Please Bring:

* A journal & pen.
* A yoga mat, blanket, cushion, eye mask.
* Your beautiful self

“Juliette holds such a beautiful & special space.  I needed the connection I felt last night.  It was truly magical.”
~Soul Sister

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