Soul Sisters Circle

Dear Sacred Soul Sister, You are invited to come and connect with a conscious circle of women.

Take a moment to pause, step away from all the daily demands upon your time, and feel the embrace and warmth of our community.

The ancient tradition of women’s circles has existed for thousands of years. Offering an opportunity to talk and listen is an act of sisterhood. Inviting you to connect with the natural world, each other, and your feminine essence.

This soul-nourishing gathering is a sacred, safe space where we can learn, grow, and blossom together. 

Are you looking for a deeper level of connection?

Would you like to feel the support of a like-minded community? 

Are you ready to feel rested, rejuvenated, and revitalised?

You are a unique and powerful woman. It is your time to shine.



You Do You ~ Stepping Into Power 

On the eve of the Aquarius New Moon we gather together to explore what it means to step into your true power with love. 

What does true, authentic, power look like when it is holding integrity?

How do we continue to foster an environment of love while we step into power? 

What are the gifts that we and those around us receive from holding this space? 

Without the power to fuel your light, the world is so much darker…

Shine Soul Sister – Your Light is Brighter than you think

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