Richard Ashcroft – Imperial Feng Shui – water rabbit year

I never fail to be astonished by Richard’s relentless and dedicated quest to unravel the secrets of the Ba Zi. His researches have taken him to many parts of the globe to learn from traditional masters and in turn to share his discoveries with them. Few, if any, western teachers would surpass his knowledge of this particular field of Chinese traditional culture”.

Derek Walters. Author: the Complete Guide to Chinese Astrology.

The Year of the Water Rabbit is just a weeks away. Of all things, the Rabbit is about home and its care. On the face of it that should make for a gentler, wiser, more domestic kind of time, but perversely perhaps one also of impatience and aspiration. The Rabbit is yin Wood as opposed to the yang Wood of this year’s Tiger. Less Wood means a tightening of belts.

On the weekend of the 11th & 12th December I’ll aim to offer some hints as to how to respond during this coming year to a world that is worryingly changeable.

So we’ll be looking at the locations that are becoming favoured: South-facing homes for instance (especially with height in that direction) look like they will prosper; North West not so much. Indeed there may be pressure upon occupants of North West facing homes to move. We’ll have a look at the implications for each orientation and what to do about it.

Certain Animals enjoy a following wind in 2023: among these the Horse for the 2nd consecutive year. Roosters may not be so lucky as Rooster and Rabbit are opposed. We’ll talk about how to work with these.

As well of course as the patterns of energy in your home and office we’ll be examining more global issues: this Year of the Tiger 2022 has clearly featured expansion from Russia in the North East into Ukraine in the East. How long can it continue? Meanwhile many have been suffering the rising costs of fuel and staples. We’ll be looking at how each home and each Animal may make the best use of the coming time. Join us.

£125 if paid by November 1st, then £150.

Repeated on Zoom:   3pm-10pm Sun 11th December

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