Thyroid Ultra FDX22

Laboratory tests / Thyroid Ultra FDX22


Our ultimate Thyroid and overall health investigation

FDX Thyroid Ultra is the ultimate testing and reporting tool when it comes to assessing thyroid disorders and imbalances. Thyroid dysfunction can attribute to numerous conditions including complications with autoimmune diseases.

It is critical to avoid further thyroid degeneration such as Autoimmune Graves’ and Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, some of the most frequent autoimmune disorders.

FDX Ultra provides our ultimate range of thyroid markers alongside our most comprehensive panel of biomarkers. These consider endocrine, cardiovascular, inflammation levels, sugar and lipid management, enzyme production, vitamin and mineral status alongside Thyroid function.

We have included Parathyroid hormone, TSH receptor Auto-antibodies, Thyroid binding globulin, free T3: reverse T3 ratio, Selenium, Copper and Zinc Serum levels and Epstein Barr Auto-antibodies to offer our most in-depth and accurate Thyroid assessment.

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