Thyroid Check FDX23

Laboratory tests / Thyroid Check FDX23


Essential Thyroid markers

According to the British Thyroid Foundation, 1 in 20 people in the UK suffers from thyroid disorders. However, this doesn’t tell the whole story as often thyroid disorders go undiagnosed. Why? Doctors believe this could be down to 2 main reasons. Firstly, mild cases of hypo- or hyperthyroidism don’t necessarily have symptoms, and secondly, when they do, they appear so slowly, that people misattribute them to other things. 

Undiagnosed thyroid disorders can create a greater strain on various bodily functions. Thyroid imbalances can often go undetected when certain crucial markers are not taken into account during testing. 

Identifying thyroid dysfunctions can reveal key information on imbalances within skin and hair, support weight management, and drastically improve mood and energy levels. 

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