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Smedur – Universal Tap Water Filter

Smedur is a small, practical and stainless steel cleaner that is mounted on the kitchen faucet. The stainless steel quality is the highest for water purification, 304. Smedur is easy to clean and change filters in.

Three purification techniques are available to choose from;
• Combination cartridge with Ultrafiltration (UF) + activated carbon • Single cartridge with Ultrafiltration (UF)

• Single cartridge with Activated carbon


The UF technology is developed in Japan and is the same technology we use in our survival filters. The technology is effective against particles larger than 0.01 micrometers, heavy metals and microorganisms in the water such as bacteria, parasites, amoebas etc.Filter cartridge with activated carbon is often recommended when you have municipal water because the filter handles, for example, chlorine, organic pollutants and above all PFAS substances which are a problem that is increasing worldwide.Good also for improving the taste and smell of drinking water.

In the combination cartridge with UF + activated carbon, these two technologies are combined to obtain as wide a purification as possible.

Measure: The filter housing is 13cm long and 6cm in diameter.

Smedur Instruction Manual


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