Leaky Gut Test

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leaky gut test

Get answers to those niggling symptoms by checking for intestinal permeability.

Your leaky gut home test includes:

  • Leaky gut permeability profile, analysed by accredited labs
  • Your bespoke test report with an easy-to-follow health plan
  • Assessment of your test results and symptoms by a qualified practitioner
  • Tailored supplement plan, based on your results and symptom questionnaire
  • Expertly designed leaky gut diet plan and health tips, designed to support your health journey

About the Leaky Gut Test

Collection method: Urine

Measures: PEG 400

Turnaround time: 15 working days

For this test, you drink a sugary solution and collect all the urine you pass for six hours afterwards. Through measuring the types of sugar that end up in your urine (each of which have different-sized molecules), we can work out if you if your gut is more permeable than it should be. You’ll then receive personalised diet and lifestyle advice to optimise your gut health.

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