FDX Check FDX01

Laboratory tests / FDX Check FDX01


65+ marker baseline general health investigation

Do you need a general comprehensive and affordable blood panel and report? If fatigue and low energy are issues, or if you want to determine the specific needs, deficiencies, and imbalances of your client at a budget price then FDX Check is for you.

FDX Check has now been upgraded to also include Vitamin D, which is vital in supporting numerous body functions.

It’s difficult to support and create a specific health plan for achieving optimal health without a good understanding of what’s going on inside the body. Our signature blood testing and interpretations offer accurate monitoring of your health status serving as a roadmap for your nutrition plan.  Armed with the in-depth analysis of the current health condition, you can now make accurate, patient-specific recommendations about nutrition, supplementation, and nutraceutical use.

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