Advanced Gut Health Test

Laboratory tests / Advanced Gut Health Test

Long-standing gut issues? Peer even deeper with this professional test.

A comprehensive microbiome test

  • Discover your friendly bacteria
  • Find any yeasts and parasites
  • See how your digestion is working
  • Find out if you have leaky gut
  • Full practitioner symptom review
  • Bespoke interpretation of lab results
  • Personal health plan

How the microbiome test works

Collection method: Stool

Turnaround time: 15 working days 

Measures: Bacteria, Yeasts, Parasites, Zonulin, Advanced Intestinal Health Biomarkers

For this test, you provide a small sample of your stool (poo). This is sent to a lab, where it’s analysed for bacteria, yeasts, parasites and other advanced biomarkers that indicate intestinal health.

Based on this information, you’ll receive personalised dietary and lifestyle advice to optimise your gut health—and support your health as a whole.

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