Pregnancy (Pre-Natal) Yoga

Yoga for pregnancy, with Eve Mackie

Group yoga for pregnancy classes is welcome in pregnancy whether you are a regular yoga attendee or if you are new to yoga practice. The class is tailored to what is beneficial for us in pregnancy and what elements of a regular class to avoid, as well as helpful tips to carry into your life as your body changes and baby grows.

Physical practice helps create space in the body as we move, stretch, and most importantly rest! We explore breathing practices beneficial in pregnancy.

Eve’s guidance supports mother and baby physically with safe and effective yoga practice, as well as inspiring emotional confidence to enhance the spiral of joy, love and laughter in motherhood and all things in between. Eve loves babies, so it’s a wonderful thing to support women during pregnancy and then to meet their little babies in person! 

Eve brings a gentle and supportive approach to her classes, encouraging, self nurture as well as, making connections with other parents and parents to be within her group sessions. 

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