Mum and Baby Nurture: Post Natal Yoga, Baby Yoga,

Mum and Baby Nurture: Post Natal Yoga, Baby Yoga, Baby Massage and Mum and Baby Relaxation

With Eve Mackie

Meet other mums and mums-to-be. Friendly and supportive circle, whether you are new to the practice or have a regular yoga practice in place….
We explore essential oils to support the mother’s postnatal time and to safely nurture the baby, bringing about a deep sense of well-being and parent and child connection.
Breathing practices and relaxation support the baby’s rest and digestion. Posture allows a gentle interplay of mutual bonding and individual strength.

Mum and Baby Nurture: 

Classes combine Postnatal yoga for parents and Baby Yoga, Massage, Music and sensory for baby bliss! 

Mum and Baby relaxation is followed by a tasty homemade treat, tea and chat! 

Postnatal Yoga:

Postnatal Yoga- a time when yoga has never felt so good! Whether you are feeling tired and overwhelmed, exhilarated and energised, or anything in between, it’s a safe space to attend with your baby. Practice yoga, as well as feed and change baby, rest, restore and re-energise.  Together we stretch, move, regain strength, alignment and self-nurture. 

Postnatal yoga I guide you to incorporate baby into your yoga practice. Women find they then enjoy the practice even more, as the baby enjoys it too!

Baby Yoga and Massage:

This is a wonderful bonding time for you and your baby. Feel good as you massage your little one to music and safe aromatherapy to enjoy with your baby, with guidance from the teacher. 

Baby Yoga moves help to not only nurture your little baby but also bring a sense of calm, connection and communication. We practice gentle hip exercises and baby-friendly stretches to help the vestibular systems and aid in their development and milestones. 

We use sensory items such as instruments, coloured scarves, a parachute, and bubbles, to play and have fun and finish off with a gentle relaxation to music or song.

Eve is a mum of 4 children who has been teaching yoga for over 10 years and is happy to share the Birthlight approach of parent and baby yoga and massage.

Book via the event flyer or contact Surrey Holistic to book your spot

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