Monthly Relaxing Gong Bath with Masters Teachers

We are inviting you to rest and rejuvenate. Our sessions generate inner peace and the ability to connect with yourself at a deeper level.

About this event

This time we invite you to deeply relaxing journey in a small groups on Friday.

There will be 2 sessions at 5.45pm & 7.15pm.

The sound and vibrations of the Gongs will create healing energy, especially for you, for a new possibility to cleanse and attract to your life love and this what you truly desire!

Gongs are amazing instruments. They generate powerful, intense healing vibrations which, interspersed with the sound of Tibetan Singing Bowls, stimulate feelings of peace and relaxation. This allows the release of stress, pain, anxiety and enhances well-being.

The Sound of Gongs opens the gates of Love, so you can connect with all.

The things you create around yourself and realize just how great a power you have to create your own happiness and well-being.

You will be immersed by a few healing gongs, shamanic drum , singing bowls and other divine instruments.

Each time you can experience the healing sound and vibrations of different gongs. We are selecting the gongs according to guidance of our Spiritual Teachers for the best healing benefits of the present group.

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