Lighting up lives – Healing your life with light and colour

The Miracle Workers Workshop

Light and the colours of the rainbow are the source of all life on this planet, expanding and
enhancing our energetic fields, enlivening us in ways that have yet to be discovered
scientifically. Light has been used therapeutically in a myriad of ways to heal the body, mind
and soul. It reaches through the deep brain structures via the eyes and the electromagnetic
field that surrounds us, creating profoundly healing effects on our nervous systems,
hormonal responses and our emotional life.
Light sends a ‘message of healing’ to the body and Denise has used this method in practice
for over 30yrs, addressing issues related to vision improvement, learning spectrum disorders,
head injuries and all kinds of physical and emotional trauma.
The Miracle Workers are a ‘Colour First Aid Kit’ – a time honoured set of easy-to-use colour
filter goggles that are for those wanting to treat themselves and their families naturally and
may be used as an additional powerful tool in any holistic practice.
Good health requires balance. Using colour light through the eyes informs the body to rectify
imbalances and simultaneously shift the underlying reason for the dis-ease. This means that
it addresses both the emotional and physical reasons for illness, creating a much deeper and
longer lasting level of healing.
In this workshop, you will receive training in the use of colour light through the eyes and the
method of diagnosis that has been used in both ancient and modern times, a workbook and
a session of light treatment on the Spectral Receptivity System.

Course fee £125 + Miracle Workers Colour Healing Kit of 6 specialised high-quality colour
filter goggles – £72
Registration and booking –

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