FunctionalDX health reports

Optimising Health with Advanced Blood Analysis

Blood tests are an essential part of medicine, yet how many times have you been told by your doctor that your test results are ‘normal’ despite you feeling out of sorts? Routine blood tests are generally carried out to look for problems, so if your blood chemistry results fall within ‘normal’ ranges you might not get any further in finding out what could be causing your symptoms.

The blood tests carried out by FunctionalDX differ from the traditional blood tests that your doctor might have referred you for in the past. Rather than using traditional reference ranges, FunctionalDX uses ‘functional’ ranges- which are often narrower and determine optimal values for health and wellbeing with the aim of preventing disease, or improving your symptoms if you have already been diagnosed. This advanced form of testing can help to identify any hidden health trends at the time you start to feel unwell, often before you receive a diagnosis from a standard blood test. 

Rather than just searching for abnormal lab results, the FunctionalDX software uses its unique and powerful algorithms to assess over 80 different blood markers which reveal areas of functional deficiencies (or wellness) in all of the main systems of the body; from hormone function to immunity, heart health to bone health.  This helps to provide a clear and comprehensive understanding of your current health state and can pinpoint the likely root causes of your symptoms before they progress into a diagnosable condition. With this information, the relevant diet and lifestyle changes can be implemented as a preventative measure and get you feeling fit and well again.

The Functional Health Report uses highly sophisticated software to translate your blood results into clinically useful information. Any potential health and disease trends are identified, as well as your nutritional and immunity status.

Our consultation will use this information in your Health Improvement Plan to discuss and tailor a bespoke diet and lifestyle plan, specific to your individual needs.

Your results will empower you to preventatively restore optimal health and well-being.

FunctionalDX health reports