Kundalini Workshop with deep healing relaxation of the Earth Gong

The Kriya for the Vayus is both energetic, fun and flowing.

In yoga, we refer to the breath as Prana, the Life Force.

‘Prana’ is the energy and the motion that flows through the mind and the body.

It is divided into different frequencies that are called ‘Vayus’.

The five main Vayus are the currents of a vital force, or wind. Prana-Vayu, Apana-Vayu, Samana-Vayu, Udana-Vayu, and Vyana-Vayu and we will be working with these five inner winds, for balancing and harmony.

These five Vayus individually support functions of the body. These include: nourishing the brain & the eyes; the senses & thoughts; our digestion, the assimilation of food & the elimination of toxins. The Vayus even support reproduction.

The Vayus combined functions affect our metabolism, our emotions and thoughts, our balance & coordination and how we communicate to others.

If individual Vayus are weak, one can experience a low self-esteem, a lack of motivation & mental focus, sluggish elimination and even anxiety.

Our workshop will begin with a Pranayama (breath control) Series, followed by the Kriya For the Vayus.

We will allow the body to absorb the effects of the Kriya with a period of deep, healing relaxation by the vibrations of the Gong.

To conclude our Workshop, we will practice a Meditation for Cleansing, using the Apanic force.

To book, call Claire: 0784 101 8273

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