Hatha Yoga – With Juliette Noske

Hatha Yoga, All levels

In this class you will build strength, develop flexibility and focus.

Included in the practice are pranayama, asanas and relaxation.

Juliette’s classes are fun and enjoyable.  She specialises in supporting clients with correct alignment to enhance the posture and prevent injury.  Juliette also encourages students to follow the wisdom of their own bodies and develop self-awareness.

“Yoga when confined to the mat is simply just another method.  When we widen our perspective and journey through our day, embodying yoga, this is when the real practice begins.” ~ Juliette 

Feedback from a yoga client:

“I joined Juliette’s yoga classes because I was facing a big challenge due to a medical procedure.  It was really hard for me to cope with my new condition.  I used to run a lot and train almost everyday, but now I wasn’t allowed to do most fitness activities.  Juliette’s classes were just great. Her approach and all the postures she taught us, with the extra emphasis on the breath during the whole class.  After only a few classes I could feel a change in my body and mind.  My core strength and balance really improved.  I loved the 10 minutes deep relaxation at the end of each class made me feel so calm. The way she taught us each pose allow me to repeat them easily at home. Her classes were very addictive!!

I really would like to thank her for all that she gave me!  I have now returned to live in Asia, but I still have not found such a great yoga teacher.”

~Diana Stoffel

Feedback from a client after an Arm Balance Workshop:

“After attending Juliette’s arm balancing workshop I have a lot more confidence in the postures I’ve been working on in my personal practice; Juliette made sure to adhere to each individual’s current goals whether specific or more general and provided skills and insight that I very much needed! The workshop was a wonderful balance of strengthening practice and relaxation, with the peaceful sound bowl assisted savasana at the end.” 


For booking please email jewelsbe@yahoo.ca or call 07515 810587

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