Guildford-Woking Complementary Health (GWCH) Network Meetings

The GWCH network was formed in 2007 for a number of important reasons:

⭐️To make it easy for the client to get the help they need fast and locally.
⭐️To create a community of therapists who know each other and each others therapies very well so as to be able to point any client to the therapist most able to help with their specific health problem.
⭐️To promote complementary healthcare through talks, demonstrations, leaflets, PR and other means.

We meet to learn more about a specific therapy and to network with other local therapists. Meetings are from 11:30am to 1:30pm followed by a light lunch.

Non members £10 per meeting
Yearly membership £60 – attend all meetings for free and have a page on the GWCH website.

For more information email:

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