Full Moon Release Mini Retreat

An afternoon retreat harnessing the power of the full moon on 9th, to release in preparation for spring. Includes journaling, meditation and a full sound bath with Tibetan singing bowls.

About the Event

Join us to release under the full moon and prepare for the coming of spring.

What to expect:

  • Guided full moon release meditation 
  • Journaling prompts for letting go
  • Yoga Nidra and sound meditation 
  • Themed goody bag with gifts for you to enjoy

This is the perfect opportunity for you to release what no longer serves you and call upon what you would like to manifest in the spring.

I am looking forward to connecting with you there.

Your guide:  I am an Internationally Accredited Sound Healer, Teacher and Certified Life Coach, registered with the International Practitioners of Holisitic Medicine.  I bring you years of Coaching and Healing Practice.  My intention is to help you find a better quality of life, via inner enquiry and deep relaxation.

NB: Sound Meditations are designed to help you feel well.  However, from time to time you may experience revelations or emotions that may be difficult, but will always be useful and enlightening.  My full support is available before and after sessions to ensure you are able to process whatever arises.  Your wellbeing is of paramount importance at all times.

If you find it uncomfortable to lie on the floor you are invited to sit up with props, or use a chair.  If you are pregnant, or suffer with epilepsy, please reach out in advance of booking the session.

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