Family Systemic Constellations Workshop

Movements back to wholeness.

Having personally benefitted greatly from this work, I am delighted to extend this invitation to you, your ancestry and Nature as a whole.

This workshop is open to anyone with an open heart and interest in this work.

Full preparatory details to be provided upon booking, along with integration advice after the event.

Please bring a packed lunch and anything else that you may need to be comfortable for the day together. Teas, coffees, water and snacks are provided and ample breaks will be given.


A Family Systemic Constellation is a powerful way to somatically experience our interdependency upon both our ancestry and the wider tapestry of life.

In seeing that our own family members have their own imprints, histories and crosses to bear, we can cultivate more understanding in our own lives for how much capacity they have or had to give to us.

All in, we cultivate a deep gratitude for the life that was passed onto us – no matter what.

A powerful work, which goes beneath the Human Story and unlocks much latent – and very grounded – personal power. A beautiful and complementary 3D activation for matured spiritual seekers; (or for those who have simply tired of seeking and who are ready to sink more into BEing).

With the possibility to look into any system; ie, anywhere you may feel under-resourced, blocked, or have an issue raising its head on your path to be seen and further integrated.

Corresponds to and emboldens your connection to: The North/ Crone/ Winter/ Bones/ Earth/ Elder(flower)

  • The Session Framework:
    Clarifying the intention, creating the container
    Feeling the energy of the system build
    Bearing witness to what isThe opening (to the movement) currently being offered to the client
    Stepping into fully seeing/ allowing the opportunity to unfold
    The Deepening
    Reprogramming of the Nervous System
    The Return

Issue Holders bring an issue that they would like to set up with the group. Issue Holders are interviewed in front of the group, bringing in the dimension of beautiful, present witnessing offered by all participants, before setting up the representatives in their system(s).

Representatives represent members of an Issue Holder’s system. Representatives always also highly benefit from this work, in terms of the role(s) they are called to represent and how they hold relevance to them and their journey (benefitting from shifts of their own) – and in terms of tapping into the energy of the system created.


Issue holders (to set up a constellation of your own) 165 GBP

Representatives 75 GBP

Both rates representing excellent value for money for a full day’s therapy.

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