The Event:

Come and Join Us in Sacred Circle
Drumming in Harmony
Learn New Beats, Songs and Chants

Connecting through the powerful and healing beat of the drum to the depths of our inner rhythms and heart beats Sending out a vibration of harmony and unity into the world around us.

We will begin with a cacao ceremony where we will share a tea cup of this beautiful elixir.

***You are welcome to attend the event and not partake in the drinking of cacao.

Cacao is a gentle and beautiful heart healing medicine.  It can help bring focus and clarity where we were feeling unclear, stagnated or stuck.  As we drop down from the head and into the heart, blockages around the heart are dispersed.  Cacao enables us to connect with the more subtle realms and our own deepest wisdom.  This medicine allows us to be guided from a place of feeling and inner knowing.

Following the cacao ceremony we will learn, practice and share drum beats and chants and maybe a song or two.  Creating a safe space to play and practice alongside others.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

The rhythmic sound of the beating drum induces deep relaxation, reduces stress and promotes the production of endorphins.  A drumming journey of sound is healing on many levels.  The drum is regarded as a living entity and is said to be the oldest instrument.  Journeying with us since the dawn of human kind this beautiful instrument is primal.

Your Guide:

Juliette will be accompanied by her Native American Buffalo hide drum. 
Born on Vancouver Island, Canada, her connection to the indigenous peoples of this land runs deep.  Juliette has been holding sacred circle space and running events for over 20 years. 

Please Bring:

* Your drum
* A journal & pen.
* A yoga mat, blanket, cushion, eye mask.
* Your beautiful self

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