Deep Relaxation with Drumming

Relaxation – Deep Drumming The Event: Embark on a journey of deep relaxation with the drum and a family of other instruments. Immerse yourself in the waves of sound as you surrender and soften. The drum is regarded as a living entity, having journeyed with us since the dawn of time it is primal. The rhythmic sound of the beating drum induces one into a deep relaxation, a trance-like state. During this session you may experience a variety of physical and psychological benefits; reduced stress levels, lowered blood pressure and heart rate, and lowered cortisol and adrenaline (the stress hormones). The beating drum promotes the production of endorphins (the feel-good hormones) as well as assisting one to feel more grounded, improving one’s sense of well-being. The beating of the drum resonates with our beating heart, a sound vibration that is healing on many levels, which modern science now confirms. 
You are welcome to set an intention for your relaxation session at the beginning or simply surrender to the relaxation. There will also be the opportunity to pick an oracle card and enjoy tea. Your Guide: Juliette will be accompanied by her Native American Buffalo hide drum and a variety of other instruments including but not limited to; koshi wind chimes, singing bowls, and rainsticks.

Born on Vancouver Island, Canada, her connection to the indigenous peoples of this land runs deep. Juliette has been holding sacred circle space and running events for over 20 years.

Please Bring: * A yoga mat, blanket, cushion, eye mask.
* A journal & pen. * Your beautiful self You can either lay down or sit up, whatever suits you. Bring whatever you need to make yourself comfortable and warm.

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