Accredited Advanced Reiki Course with 2 Spiritual Healers – Level 2

Reiki Training with Spiritual Healer and two Reiki Master Teachers will help you develop your spirituality and step into your healing power

About this event

We would love to invite you to Reiki Course Level 2 which is run with love and passion by 2 Reiki Master Teachers, Healers – Beata & Jarek Dzwigol (Okide Soul)

REIKI COURSE level 2 is a good opportunity to become a powerful Reiki Practitioner and be able to send healing over the distance to others.

This course is suitable for those who have completed level 1 (we will need to see your Reiki level 1 certificate ) and they practice Reiki and for those who have completed level 2 and have not practiced.

After this course you will be able to run your own practice, volunteer in hospices, hospitals, nursing houses etc or you can practice for your own needs.

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