Access Bars Introductions (Ukranian Lang.)

ACCESS BARS is a relaxing, nourishing process for body and soul that completely removes restrictions that affect all aspects of our lives.

Access Bars are 32 points on the head, each of which affects different aspects of life (money, control, creativity, sadness, joy, sexuality, ageing, etc.), with a gentle effect on which tension is relieved from the brain, which helps 🧠 recovers much faster. This is working with your consciousness, beliefs and, as a result, your body ⠀ You let go of all the thoughts, feelings and emotions, POVs, which do not allow you to move forward in life and force you to repeat the old patterns again. It’s about getting a new perspective on yourself and others, acknowledging yourself and removing responsibility for the problem that’s bothering you.

✨Consciousness is key in the practice of Access Bars ⠀ ✨ During the session, the frequencies of brain waves slow down, activate and start the process of clearing the subconscious from the old inefficient settings, due to the discharge of energy, negative emotions depart, a kind of reboot occurs, during which the automatic launch of restrictive programs stops ⠀ I invite you to a free event where I’ll introduce this magic treatment which helps people to live their lives in lightness and to be happier.

I’ll share with you a few Access Bars tools for daily use.

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