Welcome to Surrey Holistic Centre
A wellness collective curated to provide a wide selection of complimentary treatments from a range of practitioners who are experts in their field.
From Counselling and Sports Therapy to Yoga and NLP

Therapies Available in Surrey


Mental/Emotional Health (Psychological & Emotional)


Hormone Health


Long Covid


What we offer

A multi-disciplinary approach incorporating the latest developments in holistic and complementary medicine, integrating science and the art of healing to create unique and individualised treatment strategies. Our aim is to alleviate symptoms as well as to increase vitality and health by supporting the body’s healing ability. With over 50 practitioners who are trained and highly skilled in their field of work

As well as sessions with a range of core practitioners, we offer seminars and talks to empower you to look after yourself with valuable information and tips. We advocate self-empowerment as a primary factor in maintaining optimum health.

In our experience we find that our clients greatly benefit from a complimentary call with a Surrey Holistic Centre practitioner as an initial first step to discuss how we might work together. Please call 01483 418103 to book in a call so that we can start the conversation. Our team will find a spot for you in the Surrey Holistic Centre calendar as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you!

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